Importance of Maqam e Ibraaheem

  Maqaam e Ibraaheem, which means "station of Ibraaheem," is a very important place in Holy Makkah. Maqam is an Arabic word that means the place where a person stands with two feet together. The stone that Hazrat Ibraaheem A.s. used to build the Kabah is called Maqam e Ibraaheem. It is a big stone block that shows where the Prophet Ibrahim stood while building the upper walls of the Holy Kabah. People believe that this sacred stone and two other stones also came from Jannah. One is the famous Hajra Al Aswad, also called the "Black Stone." Another is the "Stone of the Children of Israel," and the third is "Maqaam e Ibraaheem." Visit the Mawam e Ibraheem after booking islamic travel Umrah Package 2023 from Birmingham . When one side of the building was done, the big stone block was moved. This was done while the rest of the upper part of the Holy Kabah was being built. After the building was done, this sacred stone was left on the eastern side of t

Why December is The Best month for UMRAH

  UMRAH is a complimentary prayer, therefore it should be done with entire concentration and dedication to ALLAH (SWT). UMRAH traveling is one of the Muslim’s main objectives and people can perform UMRAH a couple of times in their lives. This tour is not just about packing, flying, staying, and coming back home. It’s more about praying and performing the UMRAH rituals with its true spirit and living the moments near the house of ALLAH (SWT). To perform UMRAH the best time is the month of December or you can book umrahpackages 2023 .   Why UMRAH Perform in DECEMBER: Hajis usually look for a suitable time to travel for UMRAH in December. To avoid the crowd and hustle in MAKKAH, December is considered to be the pleasing month for UMRAH. December is weather friendly period. Prices of UMRAH packages also go low in December. December is the best month you can hold out for UMRAH.   Cool Weather in December: Muslims who do not want to face the hot climate in MAKKAH do UMRAH in Dece